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Introduction to Macro Photography

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Macro Nature Photography

Miracles in nature are hidden in small details. Sometimes it is not enough to look with the naked eye to witness these miracles, macro photography is required to see the beauties...

This site; I see it as a tool for archiving and sharing with others what I have seen and learned, as well as the macro photographs I have taken in nature. I wanted; Let this be a recording medium for my macro photos and the information I have acquired. However, while doing this; Let this page also be an incentive tool for the protection of the habitats of butterflies, moths, insects and other tiny organisms that make up an important part of Turkey's biodiversity.

Butterflies, insects are disappearing from our planet so fast that we have no choice but to protect the incredible habitats where these creatures live.


Hopefully; The macro photographs exhibited here create an awareness for my friends who visit the page at the point of protecting the miracles in nature…



  • While exhibiting my own macro nature photos here; At the same time, in the light of the experience and technical knowledge I have gained so far, the books and magazines I have read, the articles I have come across on the Internet, and the field notes I have drawn in my notebook, I attach the small footnotes that come to my mind at that moment, without being bound by any plan. You know the story of the sea stars. My aim is to touch even one in tens of hundreds of starfish and add meaning to their life.

  • The small footnotes I have attached to the photos do not contain anything other than “Macro Photography” and “Nature”, excluding posts such as announcements and news.

  • This page is open to all other macro nature photography enthusiasts, provided it is a high quality macro photo with a little bit of information...

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