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BBoz currently has 5 book projects  there is.   Among them;


"The Butterflies of Ankara" book  It was being prepared on behalf of the DKMP General Directorate, the study  It was discontinued for some reason. There are three options for now. It will either be completed on behalf of OGM if accepted, or BBoz itself  will be made into a personal publication on behalf of  or will never be completed.

Other projects  if;

  • "Nature Photography - Insect Macro"

  • "Macro Nature Photography - Little Miracles of Nature"

  • "bboz+macro - Macro Album"

  • "When That Day Comes"

Three of them, besides personal experience and knowledge on "macro nature photography",   compiled from foreign sources.  Consisting of photos that contain information and all produced by BBoz  book projects.

"When That Day Comes" is an attempt at a novel. When finished  It will either go to waste or be displayed in some way...

Ankara'nın Kelebekleri
BBoz Macro
Böcek Makrosu
O Gün Geldiğinde
Makro Doğa Fotoğrafçılığı
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