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Bulent Boz
He was born on April 18, 1965 in Bursa, İnegöl. Married, father of 2 children.

He received diplomas from two universities (KTU, AU).
He completed the certificate program of a university (TOBB).
According to the undergraduate diploma; Forest engineer.
According to associate degree diploma; Photographer and Cameraman.
According to the certificate; Web Designer.

Business Summary:
Year 2021  Civil servant for 35 years. 
His professional life was spent under three different disciplines: Forestry, Nature Conservation and Information Technologies.  Initially, he worked as a forestry chief, forest management chief, and engineer under the discipline of FORESTRY. Then he continued his duty as an engineer and branch manager under the discipline of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES. Afterwards, he worked as an education promotion branch manager under the discipline of NATURE CONSERVATION and NATIONAL PARKS.  Currently, he is the Branch Manager at OGM under the discipline of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES. 


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